Lost and Found Adventures

Official RAGBRAI Charter Service

  • We've riden RAGBRAI - We understand your needs in preparing for this adventure, including camping and transportation details.
  • Prime campsite selection - In early May we drive to each overnight town to select prime campsites that our close to showers, kybo's (portable toilets most overnight towns for our charter), and RAGBRAI events (food, bike shops, shopping and entertainment).
  • We're friendly!  We start off the week with a "Meet and Greet" (wine, cheese, fruit and snacks), where we will introduce the staff, get photos of everyone for our Wall of Fame board, plus give pointers and tips to make your week that much more enjoyable.  
  • Week long truck support - Your bags will be transported across Iowas from host town to host town in a 26' Ryder truck.  Our trusty staff will unload, sort alphabetically and cover if raining.
  • Tent Service - Most riders bring their own tent they set up, but for those that would prefer the ease of a rental, we offer All Inclusive Service (includes a tent, cot and chairs).
  • Everything you need when you get to camp - 
  • Multiple coolers filled with chocolate milk, sports and other drinks.  Various snacks.
  • Canopies with chairs for shady relaxation.
  • Solar showers and shaving stations in towns that permit.
  • Charging station to charge all your electronics.
  • Tire pumps, bike stand, tools.
  • Clothesline up daily.
  • Day off option - Take a vacation from your vacation.  Whether you just want a day off or need to give your muscles a break, we offer limited SAG service for a nominal fee.

Meet and Greet

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