Lost and Found Adventures

Official RAGBRAI Charter Service

Dear Guests,

The staff of Lost and Found Adventures would like to thank the riders that have ventured across Iowa on RAGBRAI in the past with us and invite you, your friends, and family back to join us for RAGBRAI 2023. For those that have not yet had a chance to be part of our charter, we would also like to invite you or your group to join us for RAGBRAI 2023. Lost and Found Adventures’ Charter starts and ends in Council Bluffs, IA. This is where the out of town guests will meet us at the Holiday Inn/Ameristar.  Our courteous staff will load the truck with your bike. You (and your luggage) will board an air-conditioned charter bus and head to our campsite in the start town (TBA). Upon arrival at the the start town the crew will be actively unloading bikes and setting up camp  while you set up in your cozy piece of Iowa for the night. Around 4:00 PM we'll gather for our Annual Ice Breaker Meeting where you'll be introduced to the staff and we fill you in on all we have to offer you this great week.

Our daily routine starts earlier for some. We have riders that like to leave by 6:00 AM and others are just making the truck departure time. The truck leaves at 7:30 AM each day, headed off to the next overnight town with your bags. You'll be off to enjoy your ride through the beautiful Iowa countryside heading toward the next overnight town and we will guide you with plenty of signs to our campsite when you get there. Upon arriving at camp, you can enjoy some cold beverages off the truck, get your shower, set up camp, take a nap, go for a walk/ride, and enjoy the variety of entertainment that RAGBRAI and each overnight town provides....or just sit back and talk to the other riders in camp. It’s completely up to you; just remember the truck leaves at 7:30AM for the next overnight town. This routine is the same every day EXCEPT the last day. The last day: when you arrive at the Mississippi, dip your tire in the river (do your yee-ha ) before you good-bye to the new friends that you've made on your RAGBRAI adventure. Then, follow the signs to locate our truck, check-in, get your bike to the staff to be loaded, get a shower, load the bus, and enjoy your ride (no peddling required) back to Council Bluffs, IA. Upon arriving in Council Bluffs, you will get your bags from the bus and collect your bike up from the truck. Then have a safe trip home. 

If you are not riding the bus, but just camping with Lost and Found Adventures for the week, your adventure will be same as above except you will meet us at the start town and your charter ends after you pick-up your bags at the ending town.  

Hope to see you on July 22rd for the start of RAGBRAI 2023.  

~~ Lost and Found Adventures’ Staff ~~

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